The Welcome Matt

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The song was recorded during a MattPatJoeyTrio recording session days before shelter in place at Sonoma State University. An electric version was finished by Matt at home to use as a Welcome Matt song. The acoustic trio version is due out in late summer 2020. The video was created during S.I.P in Cotati California with the TOONLY animation program by Matt. Though it of course emanates from many sources, for the most part the "depression" is our division. Every time we hate on the opposite of our own politics we've handed a victory to big money, to the one percent, to the creators of disinformation that seeks to divide and conquer us, to the racist structures pilfering our intelligence and hard-earned money. That last thing those forces want, is for us to stand together and find common ground for the common good. If you have your doubts just follow the money.

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