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SUNDAY(Have a Minute?)

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Originally demoed in 2010, finally finished in 2023


SUNDAY (Have a minute?) By Matt Langlois 2023
Sunday… drunk again
You caught my eye
looking for a place to crash land.
You have a minute ? Where does it go ?
Got knocked down by the ebb and flow
Turned into smoke.
I have a feeing I’ll be here again
Sunday.. all your precious gifts
Oh I never wanted it to go so far
the week will bury it’s teeth again
Someday.. I hope they tear this building down
My three prong attack
will always be coming back
I have a feeing I’ll be here again
You have a minute ?
Where did they all go ?
They turned into smoke your life
The hours left a long time ago
Sunday… throwing darts again
Do you have something to show the time you were here?
Anything to say ?
I have a feeing i’ll be here again